Upgrade VirtualBox in Slackware 13.37

It is quite easy to upgrade virtualbox. But we need to do it in root privileged. So in our slackware we need to login into another session.
Go to start menu, click Leave and choose Switch user.
The dialog box will display root account, type the password and you will be log into another kde desktop with root privileges.
Open terminal, and go the the Virtualbox installation file. In this case, I use Virtualbox-bla-bla.run which means this file is universal for any linux.
Made a little change
$chmod u+x Virtualbox-bla-bla.run
The installation will uninstall the previous virtual box in /opt directory and install the new one.
After all finished, run the virtual box, by typing
or click start menu and look for the program.
The first running virtualbox will asking whether we will install the extension pack or not. Choose yes, extension pack is very important.
Wait the program finished downloading.
And it will be ready soon.

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