install google earth on slackware 13.37

Google earth is a good application where we can see our place from satelite. We can see the roads, our house, not really up to date but it is quite good.
We can download google earth from here.
Because I am using slackware, so I choose rpm package for Fedora or Opensuse in 32bit.

After downloading we can install it by changing it first to tgz

$rpm2tgz google-earth-stable-current_i386.rpm

It will create google-earth-stable-current_i386.tgz
Install it with

$installpkg google-earth-stable-current_i386.tgz

Or you can download the tgz package directly here.

Next, when I execute google-earth I found error like this
/usr/bin/google-earth: line 43: ./googleearth-bin: No such file or directory

I wonder how come google-earth couldn’t find the file.
I’ve google everywhere and found something in

One of the topic suggest :
In my 64bit System I had to
ln -s /lib32/ /lib/

Then I made an adjustmtn to my slackware. Here is what I do
root@user#$ ln -s /lib/ /lib/

Then execute google-earth again and it works.

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