another way connecting my notebook to handphone through bluetooth

My notebook with slackware in it has 13.37 version. And already has bluetooth driver. So I bought bluetooth dongle for Rp.20.000. It is easy, the dongle is recognized and the bluetooth manager is on automatically.

But sometime when trying to connect the manager to the handphone, will find an error connection. Which the why is I don’t know. Well, it doesn’t happen every time, usually I just unplug and plug it once more and it works.

But then I found another way to connect to the handphone without having error. Which is mounting the handphone by obexfs.

So here are what I do

1. Plug the dongle.
2. Open the terminal/ console.
3. Check if the dongle is recognize.

#hcitool dev

If the result is like this


xx is the mac address of the dongle, that’s mean the dongle is successfully connected. If not, unplug and plug it again.

4. scan for the handphone. Of course turn on the bluetooth function in the handphone first.

#hcitool scan

If the result is like this

xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx blue_tooth_name

The dongle is successfully find the handphone.

5. Mount the handphone to the directory in the notebook by obexfs

#obexfs -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx /home/user/mydirectory

xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is the mac address of the handphone

6. If it is successful, we can browse the folder and see what inside the handphone.

7. Do the copy if you want to

#cp /home/user/mydirectory/images /home/user/anotherdirectory

8. To disconnect the connection, umount it

#fusermount -u /home/user/anotherdirectory

That’s is.

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